About Us

William and Lynette would like to invite you to the Cargo Lounge. Our aim is to provide freshly prepared food in a friendly and happy atmosphere.

We make our dishes with ingredients from local suppliers based on quality not price! We don’t use pre-packaged foods or reformed meat and our dishes are made on the premises. We are not a fast-food restaurant and cook to order so you won’t find a stack of cooked sausages or soggy toast; this sometimes means our customers must wait a bit longer, but they say it is worth it. We make our own stocks, soups, sauces, baked beans, hash browns pies and more. We produce comfort food like Bubble & Squeak with our own baked beans, handmade pies and bolognese to name a few.

Alongside this we feel it is important to cater for everyone, so we have an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu. We also produce these dishes to simulate our main menu. We have vegan bolognese, vegan curry and vegan soup. The evening menu is also in two parts so everyone can enjoy a good meal.

We like to keep improving, so input from our diners and suggestions are always considered. One customer told us about Japanese Chicken Katsu and it is now on our specials board.